Welcome to LAMEB

Created in 2008, the Multiuser Laboratory for Biology Studies (LAMEB) is part of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) policy of supporting multi-user research and teaching structures. Nowadays, it houses high-tech equipment acquired with resources from institutional projects such as CT-INFRA and Pró-Equipamentos, financed by different development agencies (FINEP, CAPES). The use of the equipment’s is made available to all interested and its main objective is to allow research groups to raise the quality of scientific research and innovation.

In 2015, a structural and functional reform was made to match the Lab operation to the increasing user demand and to achieve maximum use and flexibility of each equipment.

To find more about equipment use and users access  is described in the links “Registration” and “Courses“.

This link presents the general information about the LAMEB structure.

Get to know more about LAMEB’s spaces through the images below (click to enlarge):

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Sala 1 - Para o site 2

Room 1 – Histological Techniques (Environment for preparing solutions).


Sala 1 - Para o site 3

Room 1 – Other Techniques (Environment for sample sections).

Sala 1 - Para o site 1

Room 1 – Histological Techniques (Environment to process, block and stain samples).

Sala 2 - Sala de Microscopia

Room 2 – Microscopy

Sala 3 - Sala de Biologia Celular e Molecular

Room 3 – Cellular and Molecular Biology

Sala 5 - Sala Fria

Room 5 – Ultrafreezers